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American Plastic Toys Inc.

American Plastic Toys has proudly manufactured safe toys in United States since 1962. 
We currently operate a total of five facilities in Michigan and Mississippi. Our product line includes over 125 different items ranging from a simple sand pail to a play kitchen set.

We assemble 100% of the toys in our product line in the United States. Most of the components in our products are molded in our plants or purchased from US companies. Less than four percent of our toy value content is imported from the Far East. The majority of this small percentage consists of sound components and fasteners. Toys with imported components only represent 25% of our entire product line. None of these components are painted or include phthalates.

All of the plastic used to make our toys is purchased in the USA. The majority of our toys are molded with Polypropylene (~80%) and Polyethylene (~20%) plastic. The colorant molded in all of our products is purchased domestically and is FDA approved for use in food packaging. None of our products are painted or include phthalates.

Every American Plastic Toys product is tested by at least one independent U.S. safety-testing lab to insure that it complies with applicable safety standards. We provide a toll free number to contact our office if consumers have a question or concern related to our products.

Our products are sold in most major North American mass merchants including but not limited to Wal*Mart, Toys R Us, Sears/Kmart, Family Dollar Stores, Dollar General, Meijer’s, Walgreens, etc. Many of our products are also available on the Internet through Walmart.com, TRU.com, Target.com, etc. Our product is also available in many regional retail outlets. 

Again, thank you for your interest in American Plastic Toys and your future 
consideration in purchasing our “Made in USA” products.


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Corporate Address

American Plastic Toys, Inc.
799 Ladd Road
Walled Lake, MI  48390-0100


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799 Ladd Road
Walled Lake, MI  48390


11200 Wildwood Drive
Olive Branch. MS 38654


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Monday through Friday
7:30am - 4:30pm EST
       In the U.S.: 800.521.7080
       In Canada: 800.521.7080
       In Mexico: 248.624.4881

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